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Moscow Smokers - Postcards

Moscow Smokers - Postcards


Moscow Smokers Postcard Set

These portraits of Muscovites smoking in public attempt to create a record of a time that may be looked back on with nostalgic or bewilderment at the way things were. Public sentiment, habit, and laws change over time and when we look back, whether we were alive during a particular time or not, we react, we judge, we wish for a time that is past or glad that it is in the past.

Each postcard set features 24 different portraits from the Moscow Smokers series and a postcard back. These can be used as a small book or postcards can be torn off the binding.

 Size: 6 x 4 inches

Stock: 110# uncoated cover, white

Colors: 4/4cp (double-sided)

Versions: 24 cards per pad

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